DREHMO Electromechanical Valve Actuators

Comid has agreed a supplier relationship with DREHMO for their range of electromechanical valve actuators for the power generation, water treatment, oil and gas production and distribution as well as the chemical and the petrochemical industries.
a_DREHMO_imatic_gifDREHMO are one of the best actuator manufacturers around. They originate from AEG/EMG and have been producing actuators for over 60 years.

Their eccentrically planetary gear is extremely reliable and makes their actuator practically maintenance free. This is one of the biggest differences from other actuator manufacturers.

Our World relies on a constant flow. Without this permanent motion we would not be here. Sometimes though it is necessary for us to take control over the flow of the elements we rely upon. That’s where DREHMO comes in.

DREHMO’s valve actuators make sure that oil, gas, water or steam only flows when it’s supposed to, and that only the exact amount of media that’s needed leaves its place. No m
a_KIF_3815ore and no less.

At first sight a coal-fired power plant and a tank-farm might not have a lot in common. For DREHMO they do, because in both facilities DREHMO actuators adjust the flow of various media.

This shows how diverse the tasks and applications with which DREHMO and their products are faced because every application has its own special demands towards an actuator. DREHMO constantly adjust to these needs and it might be easier to list where DREHMO actuators are not in use.

Whether it is the power industry with its coal-fired-, gas-fired, nuclear and waste to energy power plants, the extraction, transportation, storage and refinement of oil and gas, the water industry or the production of steel and cement – DREHMO keep the right flow everywhere.

DREHMO have actuator solutions for:


Coal-fired, Gas-fired and nuclear power plants, waste incineration facilities, district heating.

Oil and gas

Pipeline-automation, manifolds, tank-farms, underground gas & oil storage, chemical processing facilities.


Drinking and waste water plants, filtration systems, irrigation and desalination systems.


Steel and cement works, shipbuilding, pulp and paper industry, varnishing facilities, building automation.

You can access further details on the DREHMO range of actuator solutions on www.drehmo.com.