a_TesonSafety and reliability in a pressurised plant environment is paramount

What is Veri-Test?

Our online testing and Calibration service involves calibrating the set point of the Safety Relief Valves directly in their actual operational working environment.

Veri-Test is used by Comid technicians in a controlled situation in order to determine the actual lift point or set point of Safety Relief Valves.

Tests are applied to lift the valve at the desired set point. The results are recorded online and a test certificate can be produced on site to demonstrate the performance of the valve.

By using Comid’s in-situ testing system for safety valves, Veri-Test. The valve performance can be evaluated whilst the plant and system are operating. There is no need to shut down the plant to enable valve removal for testing.

Why do I need a safety test done?

There are a number of reasons why it is important to have valves tested. Firstly, governing bodies and most insurance companies will require a valid safety certificate to say that they are operating correctly. Secondly, leaking valves can lead to large problems with increased costs. Third, our Veri-Test allows us to work on the valve whilst your plant remains in operation therefore there is no money loss due to downtime or replacing equipment.

On site adjustments

If the Veri-Test results show that the valve is found to be within operational tolerance, then the valve can be adjusted if necessary or simply resealed and tagged to denote acceptance.

What happens if the valve fails?

Should valves fail to lift correctly they can have adjustments made on site or the valve can be marked for removal and overhaul at the next convenient date.

Valves which do not meet the safety performance standards can be identified and arrangements made for removal for workshop overhaul at the next convenient plant shutdown.